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  • £ 13.99 In Stock Exc VAT

    Military style compass - includes olive lanyard Similar to the Silva compass Luminous swinging dial, sighting line Oil filled, magnifying viewer, Measures in Cm and IN Item Dimension: 6 x 12.5cm In mils

    £ 13.99 Exc VAT
    In Stock
  • £ 9.59 In Stock Exc VAT

    HMTC (Highlander Multi Terrain Camo) pattern has been created in the UK to blend with the MTP pattern used by the British Military.

    £ 9.59 Exc VAT
    In Stock
  • £ 8.95 In Stock Exc VAT

    Water resistant TPU map case with an adjustable neck strap and a roll top with Velcro closure. 30 x 27.5cm Weight: 0.1 kg

    £ 8.95 Exc VAT
    In Stock
  • £ 4.55 In Stock Exc VAT

    Adjustable neck strap Polyamide with PVC coating 30 x 27.5mm Weight: 0.12 kg

    £ 4.55 Exc VAT
    In Stock
  • £ 4.00 In Stock Exc VAT

    Highlander watch strap compass watch strap attachment, oil filled, lightweight & very compact.

    £ 4.00 Exc VAT
    In Stock
  • £ 1.50 In Stock Exc VAT

    Button compass, stick it almost anywhere. 

    £ 1.50 Exc VAT
    In Stock
  • £ 7.00 In Stock Exc VAT

    Four digit metal body counter with reading from 0 - 9999 Thumb ring for ease of use Suitable for pace counting, counting people, traffic, stock taking etc With zero clearing button

    £ 7.00 Exc VAT
    In Stock
  • £ 2.95 In Stock Exc VAT

    Ideal as part of an outdoor or marine survival pack with a long range, high pitched sound. Neck cord for easy access Compass Thermometer - Temp in Celsius Olive

    £ 2.95 Exc VAT
    In Stock
  • £ 17.25 Before £ 23.00 -25% In Stock Exc VAT

    Find your bearings. The transparent map case protects your maps from moisture, mud, dirt and UV-light. Ideal for soldiers on exercise - your map is kept dry and readable from both sides. It may be carried around your neck or secured to your rucksack. 50 x 35 cm Extra Large Map Case waterproof roll-closure with Velcro neck cord with cord locks and...

    £ 17.25 Before £ 23.00 -25% Exc VAT
    Reduced price!
    In Stock
  • £ 6.99 In Stock Exc VAT

    Pace counter beads. Used for accurate counting of paces in whilst walking. No more tying knots as you go.

    £ 6.99 Exc VAT
    In Stock
Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items