All of our stickers are printed on outdoor sign vinyl with Eco solvent inks. This means they can be used anywhere and won't fade in the sun for a few years. We have made stickers for a canoe so we know they are waterproof too. 

We produce customised stickers up to 45cm long on the shortest side, with a small min order quantity. Prices depend on the size of the stickers. If the image is poor quality we can have it converted for around £10 and we will send you the image files. 

We can do window stickers, window clings and decal stickers.

Stickers can be cut with any shape outline. 

Example Prices:

10 X 5cm by 5cm stickers £2.50

10 x 10cm by 10cm stickers £10.00

100 x 10cm by 10cm stickers £80.00

1 x 45cm by 45cm sticker £30.00