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Extra Small Crown Beret

Commando style extra small crown beret.

The Ez Shape berets are highly sought after by service personal as they have the smallest crown available. These berets have no unnecessary overhang or flap, they have on average 2 inches less fabric than issued berets.

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The berets are made intentionally without a lining, it's pointless adding something most people cut out. As they have no lining they are remarkably easy to shape. There is no need to shrink them in hot water, just get it wet and shape it. 

Made from 100% wool with a leather band, they hold their shape very well once dried. 

These are the ultimate extra small crown, easy to shape, berets. With less material on top there is a smaller 'flap'.

These berets are manufactured by 'Ez Shape Beret' a Veteran Owned British Company. 

"Following years of struggling to find an easy to shape extra small crown beret I went about designing one myself. After lots of prototypes and consultations with serving soldiers the Ez Shape Beret was born"

Measure your head size using a flexible tape measure. Place the tape around your head with the tape just above the top of your ears, wrap the tape around head making sure the tape lies just above your occidental bone (the small bump in the middle of the back of the head), do not pull the tape too tightly. Repeat this two or three times to make sure the measurement is accurate.


Please note that once you have shaped or attached a cap badge berets can not be returned. 

It may, however, take up to 28 days to dispatch your order. If your order is time sensitive please let us know by adding a comment during the checkout process.


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